Pandora's Box Opened

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy

The Great American Bubble Machine

Wall Street's next big cash cow

Morally Bankrupt but Disgustingly Legal

I Work With Dying Veterans. Here's Why I Don't Automatically Thank Them For Their Service.

The Coronavirus Attacks Fat Tissue

  The research may help explain why people who are overweight and obese have been at higher risk of severe illness and death from Covid.

  A man whose ideal weight is 170 pounds but who weighs 250 pounds is carrying a substantial amount of fat in which the virus may “hang out,” replicate and trigger a destructive immune system response, said Dr. David Kass, a professor of cardiology at Johns Hopkins.
  “If you really are very obese, fat is the biggest single organ in your body,” Dr. Kass said.
  “We keep documenting the risk they have, but we still aren’t addressing it,” Dr. Popkin said.

Empathy a Mile in my Shoes: Closing the Empathy Deficit

The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup
That Helped Covid Kill

Dana Coverstone

Iran’s Growing Drone Threat

We The Little People
our kids are about to get hosed

How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations

Online donors were guided into weekly recurring contributions.

Rumination, Speculation and Observations about Covid-19

My Final Farewell to the Falwells

$60 Billion Housing Grab by Wall Street

If Landlords Get Wiped Out
Wall Street Wins, Not Renters

The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam Yet

Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail

The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam Yet

How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.’s Hacking Tools, and Used Them for Attacks

E-Mail from American Muslim-Give it up, UR losing
$10 million party for 13 year old kid
15 biggest NW pension funds short



Abortion, a doctor's story

A call for cuts in Social Security

A Capitol Hill Mystery

A fading greenback

A Fallen Soldies's Story


A wife's struggle for freedom in Afghanistan

A rough ride for Schwinn Bicycle

Afghan opium trade grows

After court ruling, where will troubled kids go now?

A good start

A grim warning to Congress

Amputations by ax are the tools of terror

An Angels Story

And pigs will fly

Another Disgusting Represntation of American Ignorance and Arrogance
Family members that have been to Iraq have seen some of this story firsthand

Article from the Marine Officer

Argentina disaster

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly

As Income Gap Widens, Uncertainty Spreads

A small town quietly dies

A Stitch in Time

A World Unravels

Backlash building on bonuses

Bailout bubble is getting ready to burst

Bankruptcy trap in student-loan debt

Behind Martha distraction lurks dismal news about recovery

Billboards from God

Boeing CEO compensation way up, white-collar workers down

Boeing freezes pensions for 68,000 nonunion employees

Boldt Decision 'Very Much Alive'

Book Questions Abraham Lincoln's Sexuality

Boomers Gen Xers  headed for showdowd

Boston street gangs master intimidation

Budget outlook worse

Budget surplus

Budgetary scare tactics

Burial box

Brunett's remarks on gays, sex abuse by clergy stir anger

Bush administration takes issue with report condemning Saudis

Bush has some nerve lecturing Putin

By delaying actions

Calls mount for bishop's ouster

Capitalism at its finest

Casino magnate draws GOP field to Jewish conference

Cement Plants Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies

CEO Stephen Hemsley Took Home $66M; whines

Changes in public policy could put a lid on executives’ excessive pay packages

Child Abuse; by Hasidic Jew on Hasidic Jew

Chip Implanted in Mexico Judicial Workers

Chinese Japanese investments

China solidifies dominance in furniture making

Christians split over WTO

Choking on pork Our misspent tax dollars

Citigroup Wrote the Wall Street Giveaway, House Just Approved

Closed smelter Malaysia

Colgate Executives Get Thousands for Perks

Colombians scapegoats for U.S. drug problem

Companies ending retiree coverage

Company trying to get under soldiers’ skin

Comparing apples to apples

Concern grows over spread of HIV

Confessions of a congressman

Congress' full-blown retreat from fiscal responsibility

Congress' pension: Nice and secure

Congress sends Bush $800B debt-limit hike

Corporate Jets become Private Golf Shuttles for Top Execs

Credit offers pile up for bankruptcy filers

Credit offers pile up for bankruptcy filers

Crisis in the Catholic Church

Cutting here, but hiring over there

Debt History from President Johnson to President Obama

Debt limit hit; penision deposit delaye

Decade of NAFTA has brought little change to Mexico

Demonstrations erupt in Argentina

Dereliction of duty

Diocese scandalized by porn discovery at seminary

Dirt Roads

Doctors proposal target attorneys

Dont close the door on constructive debate

Don’t take the ‘if only’ approach to life

Do you know who built your Etch A Sketch

Drinking in tradition

DSHS owes public an OK accounting

DSHS whistle-blower says agency ‘did their best to disappear me’

Easter comic strip

Economic revolution throttles inventor

Economic rule by the rich debated

Economic Warfare

Economists Think They Are Esoteric Individuals


Education Instead of Legislation

Elizabeth Warren slams corporate wrist-slapping

E-mailed articles

Enron traders derided users

Even pennies can be a big deal for small business

Ex-judge gets 18 months

Ex-Navy pilot sent to prison

Experts: U.S. is spending its way to financial ruin.

Extraordinary Measures; Standard Operating Procedures

Fed chief Social Security cuts needed

Fed ends bond-buying

Federal Budget

Federal power regulations undermine local reliability

Fed warns of growing budget gap

Final Insult

Fiscal future somewhat frightening

Flash! CEO ashamed of obscene severance pay

Follow the Money

Food banks much busier, despite better economy

For U.S. and Iran, it's time to talk

Foster crisis for sexually aggressive youths

Full speed ahead on energy bill

Gamed the system and made billions now wants to rewrite the rules

Gay bishop takes over diocese

George Washington’s Farewell Address

G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether

Girl 11 slashes classmate

Globalization Hits Home Part 1
Globalization Hits Home Part 2
Globalization Hits Home Part 3
Globalization Hits Home Part 4

God's Own Party

GOP Hopefuls at Las Vegas for Adelson Blessing

Grace is

Government rules at cooking books

Guns, butter, and hubris

Hail to the Moon king

Hawks and Doves

He made a mistake, he told the truth

Health care profits soar

Here Comes the Judge, in Cuffs

Higher  Education

Hip-Hops grim undertones

Hire this woman

Honesty and Integrity lost on Lawyers and Judges

Honeywell jet work to grow overseas

How can this be

How much is a pets life worth

How Rotten Are These Guys?

IBM Selling PC Unit to China's Lenovo

IBM to move jobs overseas

I don't give a rip about the stock-brokering class

Idea of implanting ID tags raises Orwellian fears


Illegal Alien Crime Wave

In Afghanistan, marriage is a sentence

Indonesia still mired in wreckage of Asia’s financial crisis of 1997

Innocent woman freed after 17 years in prison

In praying our thanks

Intel Inside

In Texas 28,000 students test e-tagging system

Inventor rose high — until world changed

Iraqis oppose U S occupation

IRS seizes accounts without filing criminal complaint.

It is time to create our own future.

It’s a matter of perspective

It’s how you treat people that’s important

Jeb Bush

Job migration draining public coffers

Judge charged

Just because something is legal

Just Do It

Justices battle over election

Kaiser wants to cut off benefits

Keeping tabs with high-tech tags

Land of the sinking sun

Late term abortion

Lawless streets must be taken back by force

Lawmakers use sports events to score cash

Leif Garrett Dances out of Jail

Lets not forget the High Maintenance Bitches

Lets get the blame right

Lets talk about “Single Payer”

Living with hypocrisy

Lobbyist & Big Money are leading U.S. to Slaughter

Looking After the Soldier Back Home and Damaged

Losing jobs to overseas workers

Losing your home: A loan that's a ticking time bomb

Loyalty to convictions

Made In China/Russia with American Technology

Making China green

Maternal rites

Mexico touts prison work as cost

Military training and violence

Mix a bit of humor with wisdom to break those summer blahs..

More firms send tax returns to India

More U.S. companies ducking out of their pension promises

Muckraking writer chips away


Neil Bush generating his own headlines

New legends of homeless, ominous signs for nation

New treatment expected to be advised for gonorrhea

No one living today is perfect

Now this is tax reform

NY Firm Increases Year-End Bonuses

Nuclear Jihad

Oil? America's addicted to everything!

Oil Crises and You

Once proud Argentina is in the grip of despair

Oregon still reeling from Goldschmidt sex scandal

Oscar Night Rap Song Unedited Lyrics
(Song Title) It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Outing drive hits Capitol Hill

Outsourcing is changing business as usual

Outsourcing threatens United States

Outsourcing leads to white knuckles for white collars

Pastor says churches are failing the people

Paying for Auschwitz

Pedophiles in the Schools

Pension defaults could spread

Pensions in Peril

Pension disparities draw flack

Pensions may become footnote in labor history 

Permanent Job Proves An Elusive Dream 

Poor nations no longer guaranteed work

Prayer perks and Perle isn't that special.

Pretty good not good enough

Pride shame a martyrs death

Private Equity Chiefs Thrive Again

Putin accuses U.S. of making world unsafe


Questions I wish someone would answer

Redesigning Corporate Law

Raping me is his prayer to God

Rapper feels added heat

Rehabilitation not jail time

Remaining cheerful is a religious duty

Reporter’s Case Poses Dilemma for Dept of Injustice

Rev. Moon, North Korea & the Bushes

RFID: Tracking everything, everywhere

Runaway US debt spells tough times ahead

Ruling's effect felt around the world 

Ryan: U.S. spending deal; extension needed

Sanctity of Marriage proposal is having a hard time

Secrets behind corporate profits

Senator's candor out of style

Sex and fraud woe for Greek church

Slowdown Forces Many to Wander for Work

Social Security promise not kept

Social workers 'ignored' child's abuse before 2003 murder

Soldier injured by friendly fire

Some schools testing teens for tobacco use

Spanish say FBI rejected proof

Spokane diocese seeks bankruptcy to shield assets from abuse suits


Solutions A good start

Starbucks’ CEO acts boldly on social, political issues

Strategic deficit is ploy to cut programs

Strawberry needs drug rehab, not prison time

A Christian Novel

Spying on others, It got worse

Tauzin to head drug trade group
Tax Cut Triggers

Tax System That Saves Wealthiest Billions
Texas Pacific Group & Neil Goldschmidt
Teen Sex Video Shocks India
Testing The Faith
That's what Christians do now
The $354 billion pension problem
The Chinese connection and America's addiction 
The Death of Russian Democracy
The Drug War Toll Mounts
The End of Dollar Hegemony (Domination)
The Final Insult
The high price of the Cold War

The House Edge A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold
The Implantable Chip comes to Switzerland
The legal use of ephedra
The looming national benefit crisis
The National Debt and You
The North Korean Connection
The Patriot act

The Pregnancy trap
The Prisoners of Fear
The problem with hypocrisy 
The Real Cost of Regulation
The Second Amendment and You
The sorry fiscal record of a "conservative" administration
The Story of Russian Oil

The Supreme Court & an Act of Congress
The war on drugs
The Youngest Profession
There seems to be confusion
This can't go on
This country is in a heap of trouble
This nation's path to fiscal ruin
Time ticking on benefit action
Tired men dont care what people think
There seems to be confusion

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says
This is what freedom is all about
Thousands of N Korean tunnels
Tis the season for Wall Street bonuses
Top government auditor tells it like it is - bad
'Twas the night before Jesus came

Tax System That Saves Wealthiest Billions

Uncle Sam: Up To His Neck In The Risk Pool

United sets sights on terminating pension plans
Uplifting E-mailed Stories
Upscale retailers may pocket savings from end to quotas

U.S. court panel hears Navy abortion case

US financial showdown with Russia dangerous for both sides
U.S. same side as Iran on Iraq battlefield
U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty in 'Mercy' Killing of Iraq

Vanishing Middle-Class Job
VeriChip implant enhances club life

VeriChip There when you need it
Veterans aid programs strained
Violent criminal on federal payroll
of George Washington

Wake up; if this is true; we are in trouble
Watchdog sounds deficit alarm
We love a beginning
What happened
What In Sam Hill Is Going On
Whats real sex
When Cash I Only Skin Deep
Where in history have we seen this train wreck before
Who will Pay the US Debt
Why Hello Mr Chips
Why politicians should stop pandering to seniors
Wife of sailor battles U.S. over abortion
Wiseguy regime
With Freedom Comes Choices
Work together or fall separately?
World Court tells US

Will Putin’s Russia issue our Coup De Grace
Wall St. Bankrolls Ex-Executive as He Sues Over A.I.G. Bailout
Wall Street Pays Bankers to Work in Government
Wall Street snaps up homes for rentals

You need not be paranoid to fear RFID
Young Teens: Oral Sex Safer



The Trouble With Boys
For once, blame the student
Mexicans trapped by foreign-made mess
The end of accountability
No comfort in obeying bad law
Ousted by GOP Cleland fights back
Officials who ran program for sick nuclear workers resign
The law of the jungle
Not all young bullies are boys
Educators rattled by girls violence
Foster boys beat teen into coma

Out of control girls

Banks keep Africans poor enslaved
Holocaust survivor
Medicare estimates kept from Congress
Bush and Co want to spin history
Even the spin is distorted

War is Hell

No one living today is perfect

What did Gen. Sanchez (retired) say

Commentary from an Army General

A Fallen Soldies's Story

The Unnecessary Death of Pat Tillman

Injured guardsman finds healing at home

Caring Army leader dies in raid

Broken Soldiers

Trauma registry aims to improve troops’ protection

Thousands of non-combatants believed killed

Officer: CIA sought to thwart Geneva accords

Soldier injured by friendly fire

Children of U.S. soldiers are war's unseen casualties

Holding the fort, losing a friend in suicide bombing

So this is what it's like to get blown up

6 Court-Martialed for Scrounging Equipment

Humvees falling prey to war

Marines in heart of war still must improvise armor

U.S. Army Kills 25 Rebels in Fierce Iraq Fight

House mistakenly bombed

U.S. soldier pleads guilty to murder of Iraqi teen

U.S. investigation of mosque killing is expanded

Russia creating new nuclear missile system

U.S. gunboats, sinking of ships rankle Ecuadoreans

Iraq costs hit $119.4 billion

U.S. mortgages its sovereignty