Children were meant as a gift to both parents’
not just moms

   In the late 70’s early 80’s was a commercial with a gal belting out a jingle that went “I can bring home the bacon, I can fry it up too.”… The next line which was implied should have been …So who the hell needs you?
  Note to women: myself and millions of guys like me were bringing home the “bacon” and “frying it up too” before we ever got married. This attitude that if mommy is mad or upset dad suffers is chicken-shit and better be rethought, fast.
  I was downtown in a major metropolitan area in the middle of July 07 and the young animals were conversing in the ghetto language of nigger this and nigger that. In the transportation system we were riding on one of the young animals was spitting rather indiscriminately out the window another was picking his nose and shooting spit-balls at passing cars (this was mixed race). My own guess is that the single mother, as much as she wants to, has no control over her animals and that the dad is nowhere in the picture.
  The rate of out of wedlock children in the black community by 1970 was around 37.5 percent and generally ignored (in 1998 it was 69%). The white community reached 25 percent of out of wedlock children in 1995 and “leadership” started to wake up to the fact there might be a problem. Today single parent head of households exceed 50% with over 75% of children seeing very little of dads. Why is this? Why is dad nowhere in the picture?  Society and the courts (but mostly women) have done an effective job of eliminating men from the picture.
  A household will not survive with two people trying to wear the pants, it winds up a disaster. When women decide that they are going to rule the roost instead of walking beside their men problems start to occur, if they are married and the man still has his testicles, it has a tendency to lead to divorce. If he has handed his testicles over to her, it leads to contempt, there is no balance, which leads to chicken-shit attitudes and problems.
  I have seen it time and again, women pampering their sons, spoiling the boys and treating them like little prima donnas; treating them better then they treat their husband: they set up a power play against the man pitting 2 (mother and son) against 1 (husband, dad). Consequently children (mostly the boys) are running the household and dads are treated like trash, at which time women end up divorced, raising weak willed boys, who have never been taught how to make it in a man’s world.
On the other hand it is surprising how many women treat their daughters like slaves.
  It is unfortunate that so often when a divorce occurs and the dad has been removed from the picture there is no one around to slow this down and temper this, so our prisons start filling up with young men who lack self-control and girls desiring attention start to become wild.
  Removing or belittling the functions of dads who try to maintain a relationship with their children has a devastating affect on society.
  If you are having a hard time comprehending what is happening to society watch a days’ worth of MTV and realize how Far into the gutter we have crawled.
  When in society men and women do not walk side by side there will be problems; if the woman is walking out in front she is being disrespectful, it appears she wishes to lead, to be in charge, in control, contemptuous of the man that she is not walking beside.
  If the woman is walking behind the man this is not good either; the odds are she has self worth issues generally brought about by the actions of some smooth talking man
  Neither situation is good for society the women who is disrespectful of men or the men mistreating women; but it has become common place in America (contemptuous control freaks) and there does not seem to be very much ground in the middle.
  Don’t get mad at me watch MTV’s Who wants to bang a virgin (or whatever it’s called) or there is always BET if one can’t stomach MTV.
  The same jerk who controls MTV controls BET; does Wall Street care! Hell No! Their Making Money, go figure!

Anarchy is easy
restraint and respect are learned actions that take SELF-control

Wake up, history appears to be repeating itself again.

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American families' plight: Lives structured to a fault

  Chicken-shit refers to behavior that makes life worse than it need be. Petty harassment in marriages or relationships; open scrimmage for power, and authority and prestige; insistence on control rather than harmony and love. Chicken-shit is so-called instead of horse or bull or elephant-shit because it is small minded and ignoble and takes the trivial, seriously. Chicken-shit can be recognized instantly because it never has anything to do with accomplishing the job at hand. (Most chicken-shit attitudes come from individuals who are normally just control freaks.)
  The definition of the word chicken-shit, came from the book Citizen Soldiers (a soldiers' view of World War II), slightly modified to meet this usage.

It is to bad; instead of working together
we have become households divided,
it appears we will fall separately.