Education Instead of Legislation

This is my observation of the major fundamental differences between
the Republicans and Democrats
By Chuck Jackson

   Republicans on the extreme right want to dictate how we should live; they appear to want to whack people on the head with their moral superiority.
   Democrats on the extreme left want to force others (taxpayers, businesses) to pay for everybody’s mistakes (or experiments) in life.

  There are things in this life that we should or should not do; but with freedom to make choices comes the freedom to suffer the consequences.  If a person on his or her own free will, goes out and has multiple sex partners after being informed that this sort of behavior could lead to problems (part of the educational issue) and comes down with a sexually infectious disease they should be free to suffer the consequences. What two or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is their business. Whatever diseases are contracted should be their problem.
  Attempting to legislate morality does not work. Morality must be taught. Let’s look at smoking (which taxpayers subsidize). There has been a written warning on the side of each pack of cigarettes for over 30 years, with people fighting the cigarette industry over the health risks of smoking longer then that. If a person freely chooses to smoke because he or she wants to be “cool” or whatever, it is their problem. They chose to ignore the warning that smoking eventually causes diseases.
  If the individual cannot read the warning on the pack of cigarettes we have an “educational” problem. If the person can read but chooses to ignore the warning it should be their problem. Attempting to legislate self-inflicted health problems works no better then legislating morality. Health issues must be taught.
  Legislating morality did not work with the President’s daughters (and millions others) when it came to underage drinking. Legislating morality does not seem to be working with the President’s niece (and millions others) where drugs are involved.

Education is the Key

Mistakes, at times are very painful. But that’s the learning curve of life.