Tax Cut Triggers
To bad the majority of Republicans and Democrats
listen to the lobbyists instead of the people.
March 9, 2001

  A trigger on monetary policy is an excellent idea.
  Any plan to have a trigger in place to institute future tax cuts is such a logical idea it should require no debate.
  If you feel that triggers must be debated try this; ask your banker how many checks you can write beyond the amount of money you have deposited in the bank. Write a check for more money then is in your account and the bank will inform you that a trigger point has been reached (with penalties).
 The average person with a surplus in their budget would surely choose to pay for present needs and past debts before considering other alternatives.
  What happened to the issues of Social Security, Medicare, our schools and infrastructure? These have been the problems before us for the last decade but no longer seem to be part of the debate. Why? Did I miss the miracle that took care of these problems?
  Is Social Security fully funded now?
  Has the prescription drug problem for Medicare gone away?
  Have our roads, highways and schools been brought up to standard?
  Is our national debt paid off?
  If any of the aforementioned problems still exist then we most definitely need a mechanism for triggering a stop to tax cuts.
  From newspapers and magazines I have read our old problems are still around. These are still priorities for the majority of American people.