Justices’ battle over election

  On Sunday September 9, 2001 Mindy Cameron gave us a long list of reasons to avoid television news. She states “American television viewers are being fed the trivial made to seem significant,…”.
 She does this to support her decision not to have a television at her present residence. She also infers that you are better off visiting newspaper web sites to receive news with substance.
  It is interesting that Monday September 10, 2001 the Seattle Times and probably many other papers had a news story that rattles the foundation of a democratic government. Three Supreme Court justices were directly quoted concerning the 2000 election decision not on the front page of the newspaper but on page five.
   The quote that should have been in banner headlines was from Justice Stephen Breyer he said the decision was “the most outrageous, indefensible thing the court has ever done”. One of the most embarrassing revelations of this story was that this quote was provoked by the criticism of visiting Russian judges for letting our judges choose a president.
  It was also stated that Justice Kennedy’s decision in election 2000 was made on the premise “he thought the trauma of more recounts, more fighting - more politics - was too much for the country to endure”.
  We find it hard to believe that one of the top legal minds in this country and defender of our constitution Justice Kennedy thought that a mandated winner of the election was better for this republic than any political or democratic process.
  The trauma of a closely disputed electoral process can be divisive for a country to go through in the short term. The democratic process has never been as smooth as other types of government. Letting the people rule themselves will never be as smooth as having laws and leaders handed down by a ruling class. We think this is what the founding fathers had in mind a country where government is debated, struggled with and fought over but continues to function.
  This whole process was to be guarded by the three individual branches of government within their areas of responsibility. That the Judicial branch failed in this responsibility to the point where a Russian Judge can lay such a valid criticism of them, we are all embarrassed.
  We think this is a case where the print media have taken the significant and trivialized it.