Late term abortion

  Right from fertilization the adventure of a human life begins…The unborn child is totally entrusted to the protection and care of the womb. And yet sometimes it is precisely the mother herself who makes the decision and asks for the child to be eliminated, and who then goes about having it done. (Opposing Viewpoints, 56)

  When the topic of late term or partial birth abortion rises to surface, many strong feelings are shown. The different controversial views of late term abortion extend from questioning the fact of whether or not it is woman’s choice, murder, whether or not it is a moral issue. The most mind-boggling question of all is, should late term abortion stay legalized? There are many unjustly justifications to late term abortion, whether it should stay legal or not, that people use as an excuse. Blinding them by the reality of killing another human being. Reality is exactly what is never sought out in the mind of a mother killing a child through partial birth abortion. “Partial birth abortion…the horrible inhumane process by which some women select to expose their unborn child. As if abortion itself weren’t horrifying enough.” ( 

  Late term abortion, a procedure that is currently legal through all nine months of a pregnancy, has the most detestable procedure. Once the decision is made to have the abortion, the woman is given anesthetics to force her cervix to contract and open, basically forcing the woman into a premature birth. Three days after the medicine is given, the woman is usually dilated enough for the unborn child to fit through. The act of late term abortion then proceeds. Monitored through an ultrasound, the doctor can hear the child’s heartbeat and see its wriggling body. The doctor then takes a pair of forceps, grabbing each of the little legs. While still inside of the mother, the baby is then flipped around face down. The doctor then pulls the baby’s legs out of the birth canal. Once the legs are safely delivered, its entire body is pulled out, with the head left inside the mother. The doctor then jams a pair of scissors into the back of the baby’s skull. The doctor opens and closes the scissors until the hole is large enough, in order for a suction tube to fit through. Once there is a large enough hole, the scissors are quickly removed, abruptly replaced by the suction tube. The suction begins, and the child’s nearly developed brains are then removed. The body and brains are then brought to a laboratory for further examination. Then it will soon be disposed, and forgotten about forever. That child was given the miracle of life, and wasn’t allowed it’s own choice of life or death. An unborn child can not defend its own life while securely in the womb, and relies on its mother for total protection through the process of growth in those nine months. The mother, the child’s only protection, is the individual who makes her own selfish decision, “but a woman should not have the right to choose the destiny of an unborn child, for its no woman’s or man’s right to play God.” ( If the argument is that all woman have the right of choice, then that right should been established during the early stages of making another life. There was a time in the creation of this child, expected or not, when the man and woman made their choice to possibly create a new life. For themselves and another human being. Choice: selecting or separating from two or more things that which is preferred. No one can answer the question that is on many minds today: How can people preferring the act of creating a child irresponsibly, but not following through with the outcome, justify the “woman’s choice” of killing a child?
In several people’s lives, the act of making a child is preferred to a higher extent than the child, and abortion is taken advantage of. There are other ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy before abortion should ever be considered. Presently, science and technology has given women the ability to take two different types of birth control methods that are very sufficient, approximately 97%-99% effective. These methods are contraceptive birth control pills, which are taken every day at the same time. Or a shot, which is given every three months. The ability to be in possession of these products is very easy, and affordable, there should be no excuse for an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. It is easy to tell that people prefer the act of making a child, but not the child itself. Everyone needs to take responsibility for his or her choices no matter the situation; no one should be allowed the excuse to kill an unborn child. Science and technology has given women the right to stay away from abortion, in the early and late trimesters. With the ability to stay away from murdering an innocent human being, there should be no excuse of why anyone should go to the extent of abortion, killing your own flesh and blood. With the advances in science and technology, there shouldn’t be any murder involved.

  To kill is to deprive of life at any moment. Several controversial issues about late-term abortion have been discussed. But how is murder controversial? With the definition of “kill” in plain sight, it is easy to see that any kind of abortion, early or late term, is an act of killing. No matter what has blocked people from the reality of what abortion actually is, it is in fact murder, the death of another human being. 

  From the time the ovum is fertilized, a life is begun which is neither that of the father nor the mother; it is rather the life of a new human being with its own growth. … Late-term (or partial-birth) abortion refers to those abortions that are performed after twenty-four weeks of pregnancy. (Opposing Viewpoints, 86)

  At this stage in the childs life, it has all its vital signs, and is just moving its way to perfection. “Partial birth abortions do not remove non-viable tissue, but kill babies… and therefore should be banned.” (Opposing Viewpoints, 77) 

  The people who believe that this act is okay, try to justify partial birth abortions by saying they only occur rarely, “and when they do occur, it is frequently because the parents have discovered late that their prospective child suffers from a serious birth defect or mutation.” (Opposing Viewpoints, 37) Doesn’t that just come with the territory? The risk everyone takes, the risk of possibly having an imperfect child should some times be expected. This risk is a decision every woman decides to take when becoming pregnant. Risks are just that, and women need to learn to follow through with what they started, and not run away from problems by taking the easy way out. Nevertheless there are several reasons, serious or tragic, that can never justify the deliberate killing of an innocent human being. There are higher risks in having an abortion than actually going through a pregnancy. Several risks associated with abortion include:

  Blood clots in the uterus, which require performing a repeat procedure; hemorrhage (extremely heavy bleeding); tears in the cervix or perforations (holes) in the uterus, either of which might require stitches; incomplete abortion (fetal tissue left inside); a bad reaction to anesthesia; and infection. (Nancy Day, 35)

Risks come with everyday life
the decision to proceed with an abortion
increases them tremendously. 

  Several people believe that the doctor is an accomplice to this infamous crime. “Abortion is a particularly heinous crime because it kills an innocent human being who has yet to be born.” A nurse who was new in the abortion clinic, but had thirteen years experience as a registered nurse, became nauseated when she saw late-term abortion preformed for the first time. She says, “I saw three of these partial-birth abortions up close…it was the most horrifying experience of my life.” (Opposing Viewpoints, 77) She recalled one of the conversations with the doctor and patient, “they talked as if women carried their pregnancies for thirty-six weeks and then decide ‘oops, I change my mind.’ As if doctors should perform such a treatment ‘on demand.’” (Opposing Viewpoints, 1997) Abortionists often think, “killing a child while still in the womb isn’t considered murder…yet outside it is…at least that’s a justification abortionists who perform these procedures might tell you and I” ( It is the only justification for their job that they can use, whether or not they like to perform these grotesque methods, or just need the money. Their mind set is, its legal why not get money for it? They also believe that “late term abortion should not be banned because it is often the only realistic option in tragic medical circumstances.” (Opposing Viewpoints, 58)

  Should late term abortion stay legal? Many arguments state that late term abortion is only legal, if the mother or child is in a life or death situation. There were drawings of the procedures that happen in partial-birth abortion on the Internet. From these pictures, no one could even imagine this is a legal operation. It looks like something out of a horror movie. Although, most state laws already restrict late term abortions except for the life or health of the woman. There has been several times where a doctor has performed late term abortions just for the mere fact that the woman did not want the child anymore. The nurse who was quoted earlier saw only three late term abortions, and two out of the three that were performed were because the mother did not want the child. Only one was performed because of a brain defect. “The ‘vast majority’ of partial-birth abortions are performed in the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy, on healthy babies of healthy mothers." ( How can that possibly be legal, the law should be much more specific in its statement by saying that only, partial-birth abortions are performed if and only if it is a matter of life or death for the mother or child, or their life is on the line. That is the only way late term abortions should be performed, not for any other reason.

  Every year in the United States, 1.5 million abortions are performed. This statistic has been justly used to portray a modern-day holocaust…Just as the Jewish holocaust in Nazi Germany was legal but morally wrong…abortions are legal but not moral. (Opposing Viewpoints, 26) Some people try to justify abortion by claiming that the result of conception, at least up to a certain number of days, can not yet be considered a personal human life. (Opposing Viewpoints, 49)

  Every person whether religious or not, everyone know that “when the egg and sperm join, a combination of genetic material is created that has never existed and will never exist again. That single cell is the start of an individual human life.” (Nancy Day, 68) Since the cell in itself is the start of life, late term abortion is without question, murder. I heard a story once, fictional, but it really left me with chills after I heard it. So I’ll leave you with the same story: A man had a dream one night that he was listening to the radio, and heard the announcer say, “if you called in to the station, then you could talk to God, and ask him one question, and one question only.” The man quickly felt like this was his chance; finally he gets to know the most mind-boggling answer that he has been wondering about for years. He never understood if there really was a God, then why would he let so many people die of a terrible disease called AIDS. Once he gets the answer, then he will know if he can believe that God is real. The man quickly picked up the phone, and called the radio station. The announcer answered, and said, “Are you ready to ask God one question, any question you would like?” The man stammered, “Yes.” The man then asked his question, “God, if so many people are dying of AIDS, then why haven’t you sent a cure for it yet?” God waited for a while, to think of the clearest way to say it, then decided he’ll just say it very bluntly. “Well I already have sent that cure, but some one has already aborted it.” The man finally knew his answer, and quickly awoke. When will the world wake up, and finally realize what it has done, and what it continues to do?