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The National Debt belongs to You

  The numbers that are used here are the Total National Debt as listed by the US Treasury Dept. rounded off to the nearest billion this includes the money borrowed from Social Security that needs to be paid back, with interest.

Debt with year and interest payment


Federal Debt

Yearly interest Payment


$   284,000,000,000

$   9,000,000,000


$   930,000,000,000

$  75,000,000,000


$ 5,674,000,000,000

$ 362,000,000,000


$ 7,378,000,000,000

$ 322,000,000,000


$ 7,932,000,000,000

$ 352,000,000,000


$ 8,507,000,000,000

$ 405,872,109,315

Nov 2007  $9.1 trillion

  Fiscal year runs from Oct. 1st to Sept. 30. Fiscal year ending 2005 (Sept. 30, 2005) had a total deficit increase of $553,000,000,000.

  The deficit for 2006 was over $575 billion.

  There are a large number of people who do not understand the correlation between debt and deficit, the definitions for those words have been included.
DEBT: how deep the hole is: the amount of money that has been borrowed.
DEFICIT: how fast the hole is being dug: how much more the government has spent (like a credit card) during the year then the government has received.

Long ago Thomas Jefferson wrote
  “I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we run into such debt, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and in our comforts, in our labor and in our amusements. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.”

  We as a nation are over $8.7 trillion in debt as of Feb. 2007; with no visible plan back toward solvency (a strategic deficit plan is an immoral plan). We will be hard pressed to dig ourselves out of this hole, and it only gets worse. Most working class individuals are unaware of the trillions of dollars which fall under the heading of unfunded obligations, military pensions, veterans care, federal employees pensions and Medicare costs for a start.
  Look at the national debt as if it were an ARM, (Adjustable Mortgage Rate) and we the people as the homeowner. When the Federal Reserve Bank raises the rates in the future our financial problems; because we are the homeowner with the ARM (Adjustable Mortgage Rate,) will become catastrophic. 
  The Federal Government debt increase (deficit) through fiscal year 2005 amounted to $553 billion. Unless something changes the total debt (debt with borrowing from Social Security included) will continue to increase by over $1/2 trillion per year.
  The Federal Government interest expense is going up (interest rates are going up). Interest payout for fiscal year 2005 was $352 billion. (For the Biblical crowd that is a lot of usury.)
  Financially we are little better off then most third world countries. More then 30% of our national debt is owned by China and Japan. Last year they received over 100 billion dollars from the American taxpayer on the interest that was paid out because of the national debt; this year it will be much more. They have been buying U.S. Treasury bonds with the money that we have been using to buy stuff manufactured overseas. (Foreign Trade Deficit over $600 billion so far in 2005)
  Just think of the repairs that could have been made to the roads, bridges, schools, national parks, Social Security (which will have to be paid back out of the general fund)… if we had not been forced by our elected officials to pay out over $7 trillion interest (usury) on the National Debt since 1980.
  It's hard to imagine it could get worse, but it does, our rulers have loaded us with perpetual debt.
  The 12.4% taken from our paychecks over the years to fund Social Security (over $3 trillion) will have to be replaced from the general fund. What that means to the average person is that the government will eventually have to raise taxes to pay back the money borrowed from Social Security while still being forced to pay into Social Security. Plus (and this is where it gets really sick) we are being forced to pay interest on the money misappropriated ($3 trillion) from Social Security.

  The Federal Debt numbers are from a government web-site at the Treasury Dept. Bureau of Public Debt.

  A Bible search using lend*, borrow*, debt*, bribe*, and *justice* was preformed using a computer (* is a wild card symbol when doing computer searches). If the Old Testament is any indication of what happens in the future, there should be a large number of Capital Hill employees (elected officials) working overtime to rectify the problems they manufactured because of the injustices that were created pandering to special interest groups and by writing unfunded feel good legislation.

Chuck Jackson
Editor: scaryreality.com