Just because something is not illegal
doesn’t make it is morally or ethically correct.
By Chuck Jackson: April 2004

Splitting the legal fine hairs is a game we all play to some extant (but generally don’t want to admit). That is what gives us our shades of gray which in turn allows us to believe that some are more righteous then others.

  A large number of laws seem to be written without any thought to their moral or ethical consequences. Most laws that are written today appear to be loopholes for some special interest group or as feel good unfunded mandates. While this will make a large number of situations legal, it does not make them morally or ethically correct.
  When sodomy laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in 2003 making homosexuality no longer illegal, it did not make homosexuality morally or ethically correct; just no longer illegal.
  In the 1980,s Social Security increases were mandated to cover projected deficits in the system. But, there was a loophole manufactured, whereas under a small window of opportunity thousands of individuals were able to opt out of the Social Security system. It was legal, but it was not morally or ethically correct.
  To add insult to injury some of the money was then diverted to cover the day to day operations of the government replaced with IOU’s (thereby further increasing the national debt). Again legal, but rather immoral and highly unethical.
  We have been continually told that the deficit for the year 2003 was $375 billion; which is incorrect. The deficit for 2003 was $554.9 billion when the money that was diverted from the Social Security Trust Fund is added to the total.
  Again the misleading numbers are probably legal, but for the government to mislead the public like that is immoral and unethical.
  But whose version of morals should we use?
  I am not sure what the ACLU, Anti-Christian Legal Union uses for its moral guidelines, or if they even have any moral guidelines. The Bible is a very good guideline as long as it is being used as an educational tool instead of as a book to whack people with.
  As much as the homosexual verdict by the Supreme Court may upset people; injustice and greed have done more damage to this country. Homosexual activity is generally a self-destructive problem (which the taxpayers should not have to support), while injustice and greed can destroy whole countries.
  Just because something is not illegal does not make it morally or ethically correct.