The recommendation would be that you read the book The Islamic AntiChrist by Joel Richardson, the whole book including the parts about Francis of Issisi around page 210, also follow the authors recommendation of starting with the Appendix.

  What follows is an E-Mail from an American Muslim as copied from the book The Islamic AntiChrist by Joel Richardson

From: Tamin

Subject: Give it up. UR losing to us.


I perused your pathetic little attempt to discredit the Religion of God and his Great Prophet. Truly Sad. I am not an apologist. Yes, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) committed acts of violence. I have no problems with this. We are muslims, not passivists. Sometimes in life you have to fight. You don’t have to stand tall, but you do have to stand up. I do not rectify the violence of terrorists, nor do I rectify the acts of violence made by 2000 years of Christian tyranny and violence. Its destruction of polytheist cultures, its 1000 years of genocidal mission towards jews, and its persecution of free thinkers such as Galileo, Bruno, and Capurnicus. The Eurpoean and American Witch trials, and the “Christian terrorism” of the Irish, the KKK (a Whitye Anglo-Saxon CHRISTIAN terrorist organization). We should ask the nomadic Avars how much they love the religion of the “Prince of Peace”....oh wait, we cant. They were completely wiped out in a genocidal effort by Charlemagne because they refused to convert to the Paulian Blood Cult you laughingly call “The Way”. Christianity has been the scourge of this planet. It has caused more pain, torture, and death than any other fanatical movement ever invented. So take a look in the mirror the next time you start to criticize us. Islam DOES condone violence under the right conditions. If you threaten our community, our faith, or our home and way of life, then we are ORDERED by God to defend what is ours. We do not turn the other cheek, we kick your ass-and all in the name of God. But Islam gives us very stiff guidelines; rules of engagement if you will. You may not kill a non-combatant, a woman, a child, or elderly person. You may not destroy trees, buildings, or burn fields. And under no circumstance are you to kill a muslim. This is all in black and white and not up to “interpretation.” Anyone who violates them is going to Hellfire and in violation of Islam. Your evaluation is correct. We muslims do not play PC games. God gave us laws and rules, just like the jews and we follow them no matter what group of “enlightenment” philosophers think. That is man-made, not divine law. In Islam to blaspheme the Prophet Muhammad (or any prophet) is to be put to death. Period. As it should be. Unfortunately, we cannot do this in America, or you people would get the just reward you have coming through your Internet efforts. But we still manage to teach you some respect and manners on occasion. The last man who blasphemed the Holy Prophet to my face swallowed both his front teeth about three seconds later. I took great pleasure in the fact that the next time he spoke blasphemy, it would be with a lisp. Pagans are to convert or die. Period. As it should be. People such as wiccans, New Agers, and Hindus are parasites to gods plant. Either they should change their ways or accept their just punishment. Christians and jews are People of the Book, and should be tolerated and even protected. But they are misguided, and should be taxed in our countries for having to put up with them. If they speak out against Islam in our countries, they should be punished. Homosexuals. In this country of my birth they are shamefully allowed to parade up and down the streets in front of our children. Some states even try to allow them to marry. The sentence for homosexuality in Islam is death. As it should be. Calipha Omar ibn Kattaub(ra) used to have them thrown off the top of minarets. Do that in San Francisco with 25% of their population off some of those sky scrapers and this nation will drastically improve. Thieves should have their hands cut off and murderers their heads, as it used to be in our country, when we hung and shot horsethieves and killers. Not lock them up and feed them at our expense for the rest of their lives. Run this country with those frontier laws and crime will diminish. And someday soon it will. You see, silly Paulian zealots, your religion is about to be outnumbered. By 2025 we will be the majority religion in the world. We have doubled our number in the last 20 years, and in America we now outnumber the jews. Where one mosques were only found in a few cities just 10 years ago, now they are popping up in almost all towns and suburbs. The call to Prayer can be heard over loudspeakers in most large cities now, where in 1980 it would have been unheard of. We are the fastest growing religion in the world, with 20,000 converts in this country a year. 8 out of ten are women, who will marry muslim men, and have muslim children, thus elevating our numbers in this country double or triple in the next 20 years. Islam, whether you like it or not, is the future of this planet, and a future fast approaching. May Allah be praised! This was inevitable. Christianity is a false religion that idolizes Jesus as a Herculean God in some bizarre and morbid blood sacrifice that has pagan overtones. It comes not from Jesus or God but from a false prophet Paul who violated the Law of Moses and made a man equal to God. Your Bible is a corrupted text that has been rewritten, added to, and re-edited from the very beginning to match your sick beliefs. This is blasphemy and all who believe it are doomed to hellfire. It has taken us 1425 years to start to overcome this blood cults stranglehold on mankind, but at last we are near making it a minority opinion. God is finally having his true way prevail. So you don’t like us? You want us “controlled in America” you
say? Too Bad. We have freedom of religion in this country, and are protected by the 2nd Amendment and the Title 7 of the Civil Rights act of 1964. Fire us, we sue. Persecute us, we get sympathy and thus more converts. Burn down our mosques, we build new one with the sympathetic donation (often from church groups) and the guilty go to prison. And all the time, we get larger, richer, and become more of an influence in this country. We are your police, your grocers, your secretaries, doctors, lawyers, schoolteachers, and neighbors. Your children go to school with our children. Omar and Muhammad are now almost as common in a school roster as Brendan and Michael. We are here. We are getting larger by the minute. We are taking over the planet. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. So go ahead and whine; I will enjoy watching your pathetic tantrums as we rule your future. Or join us. Accept Islam for your salvation. Because your children and/or grandchildren probably will.


Peace Be With You, Tamim