The problem with hypocrisy

  Why is it that many Christians are not standing up against the legalizing of homosexual marriages. These are some of my observations as to why the support for the Sanctity of Marriage proposal might be having a difficult time getting off the ground.
  Could it be the large number of women that have had abortions? How about the large numbers of individuals who have lived in households that have suffered out of wedlock children. Could it be the large number of marriages that are on the rocks? Could it be the large number of heterosexual marriages that have out and out failed? I’m wondering if there is some guilt, (how can I condemn others) along with feelings of hypocrisy involved.
  Newt Gingrich was a sanctimonious jerk cheating first on one wife then another, going so far as to attacking fellow cheat Clinton while both were still in office: all the while touting his “Republican revolution”. Yet he is still embraced by the “right”. Or how about those gay “Log Cabin” Republicans (republican party holds its nose yet take their money) this reeks of hypocrisy; also makes it rather difficult to condemn homosexual marriage when republicans in high offices take their “PAC” money.
  The start of the downfall of traditional marriages happened the day that government got involved in the issuing of marriage licenses (for money) making it a civil act instead of strictly a religious one. Because it was not stopped (by the churches), it was only a matter of time before someone would realize according to man made law that it would be illegal to differentiate (by the government). With the earliest that an amendment could go before the voters (in Massachusetts) being Nov. 2006 the legislative battle has been effectively lost.
  There is still on avenue open and that is the educative side of the issue. A battle in the education side of this issue is not pretty. For an example go to the table of context and open the chapter on Sex at this web-site.
  Rarely if ever does the religious right take a stand on corporate greed or a principle concerning money. Equally as unfortunate, rarely if ever does the liberal left take a stand on a self-inflicted moral’s principal.
  Most problems are not attacked when they are small but put off until they have become a roaring inferno.
  To bad nobody listened to (late Senator) Patrick Moynihan in the 1960’s when he was trying to get people’s attention on the plight of the black family. Sadly there seems to be a correlation between the plight of the black community and the white community with generally a 3 to 10 year lead-lag timeframe, which on rare occasions stretches out to approximately 15 years.
  For example the rate of out of wedlock children in the black community by 1970 was around 37.5 percent and generally ignored (in 1998 it was 69%). When the white community reached 25 percent of out of wedlock children in 1995, leadership started thinking there might be a problem that needed to be addressed. There was a problem in 1970 it just didn’t seem to concern main-stream whites communities until out of wedlock children reached 25 percent in the white families.
  When Richard Pryor burned himself free-basing drugs some people laughed, very few cared. Approximately 10 years later when John Belushi overdosed on a high-ball concoction the white community wondered what’s happening. So long as the problem was not effecting main-stream middle-class or higher whites it was no big loss.
  Now lets look at black thug violence and the up and coming white thug violence. Suffer no illusion it is coming.
  In a town 40 miles north of Seattle in late 2002 a group of young men (mostly white wanna-be gang-bangers) beat an 18 year-old girl: The trail of tragedy that led Rachel Burkheimer to her grave. They then stuffed her in a duffel bag (she was still alive), took her out into the woods, dug a shallow grave, stripped her, shoved her in and then executed her.
  For in-sight on how disastrous this has the potential of becoming please try watching a few hours of MTV over the course of a couple weeks. Hopefully it will be an eye opening experience, it was for some of my relative’s in Europe, especially after I translated into their language what their children were watching. They were shocked!
  Yes, we are exporting this garbage around the world, and it is not a pretty sight.
  Our glass house has a lot of holes in it. With the recent addition of homosexual marriages the Islamic community has their verification that we are a lost society. For an expanded outlook visit the rest of this web-site.
  I hope people wake up.
 Some people are upset at the rulings that a number of Judges have been rendering. It is only a matter of time before some smooth talking lawyer realizes that all treaties made with international organizations that have been ratified by Congress supersede our Constitution in accordance with Article 6. Sadly there is nothing that the Supreme Court will be legally able to do to untie our hands because they can, and will be overruled by International Court. That is where our treaties have ceded our sovereignty to.