Some Fundamentalists are giving Religion a Bad Name

  Be it Islamic, Jewish or Christian Fundamentalists the results are pretty much the same; intolerance toward other peoples views. Unfortunately to the rest of the world a Fundamentalists intolerance of other peoples religious beliefs usually leads to fighting.
  In the Fundamentalist Islamic segment of the world is an old saying: The enemy of my brother is my enemy. This is especially true if the enemy is Jewish or Christian. Fundamentalist Islamic leadership appear to believe that the only good Jew or Christian is a dead one.
  Fundamentalists Jews are no less intolerant then the Fundamentalist Islamic crowd, share the same basic logic; the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.
  The animosity between the Jewish people and the Islamic people go back to the time of Abraham. One group from the child he had with Hagar, the other from the child he had with Sarah. They did not get along over 3500 years ago and until these people get tired of killing each other there is nothing Christians can do to help. Genesis 21:1-20.
  American Christians are tolerated by the Jews and Muslims for the most part because they (Americans) are naïve and they try to control situations by giving away money. Once Christians start talking about the salvation that came from the death of Jesus they are not as welcome.
  This is understandable because by Biblical logic the Jewish religious leadership at the time of  Christ’s death was the intolerant group (Fundamentalists), that had Jesus crucified.
  For 2000 years the situation has not changed much Jewish groups refuses to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God.
  A number of the practitioners of Islam (Fundamentalists), consider it to be justifiable homicide to kill anyone who would believe that God  has a Son. Jesus can be accepted as a prophet but not as the Son of God.
  Of course the bloody work of the Christian Crusaders has not been forgotten by either the Jewish or the Islamic people.
  Being labeled a heretic be any of these groups could get you killed.
  History is full of examples of religious intolerance; It is a sad commentary about religion when one considers the numbers of people killed in the name of religion. My own personal thoughts are that no matter which religious group people wish to advocate for or against, killing someone just because they do not agree with you makes it difficult to win the hearts and minds of those one wishes to convert.
  In the United States Christian community at this time there is one group of Fundamentalist Christians that worry me, it is the pre-Tribulation crowd, they are anxiously awaiting the return (any day now) of Jesus.
  This group, generally believes that they will not have to suffer the devastation foretold in the Bible prior to the return of Jesus. Pre-Tribulation believers feel that because they are good people who believe in Jesus that they will not have to experience the pain and suffering foretold in the Bible in the book of Revelations, by the Old Testament Prophets and by Jesus himself in Matthew Chapter 24.
  Why should this concern you and me?
  Fundamentalist Pre-Tribulation Christians believe that they are not going to be here when the crap hits the fan. They will by removed from this earth, never having to witness or experience the pain and suffering barreling down the track.
  We in the United States are less the 5 percent of the total world population, yet we consume almost 50 percent of the earths resources. This makes us look like spoiled children in most corners of the world that do not want to share.
  We the people of the United States have over 30,000,000 laws on the books, we make the special interest hypocrites that Jesus admonishes in the Bible look like amateurs.
  Our criminal injustice system has become a joke. Rarely is justice served. It has become a system where he or she with the most money and sleaziest lawyer perverts the system with little regard as to whether or not something is morally or ethically correct; but rather whether or not it is legal. (The reason for 30,000,000 laws.)
  Our country is over $8.8 trillion in debt and you, me, we, owe over $45 trillion in unfunded obligations. The Bible is very clear about not over-extending ones credit and the nightmare that will follow when this bill has to be repaid.
  Fundamentalist Pre-Tribulation Christians feel that Jesus will return in the very near future and snatch them from this world so they do not have to address these problems.
  But what happens if the Pre-Tribulation Christians are wrong?
  What happens if Jesus does not return until after the Christians in this country go through the pain and suffering that Christians go through in the rest of the world? Christians in third world countries are killed every day, simply for standing up for their belief in Jesus.
  What happens if article 6 of the Constitution is successfully argued before the Supreme Court and it is found that all treaties that have been ratified do indeed supercede our Constitution? (read Bolt Decision and then expand it to all treaties.) What kind of power does that bestow upon the United Nations?
  What happens if the foreign countries that have been funding our debt want their money back? In fiscal year 2005 we the people spent over $352 billion in interest on the National Debt, for 2006 over $400 billion. Interest rates and deficits have been steadily going up for years.
  Every year Christians go on missions trips around the world, yet our own country grows ever colder and darker, greed, lies, corruption and debauchery appear to be the norm.

Education is the key - too bad it is lacking on so many fronts.