The Billionaire Versus We, The People
By Wayne LaPierre
January 2013

  With the combination of Barack Obama holding onto the vast executive power of his presidency to abuse our freedom and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s personal declaration of war on the NRA, the nation’s gun owners are facing an unprecedented assault on the Second Amendment.
  Obama, to succeed in his second term gun-ban agenda, needs Bloomberg to buy a massive propaganda operation designed to destroy the only true shield protecting the Second Amendment. Almost in the same breath as his endorsement of Obama’s bid for a nothing-to-lose lame-duck four year term, Bloomberg has pledged to use his billions of dollars to destroy the National Rifle Association—to liquidate the assembled power of 4 million individual Americans who are the first and best line of defense against his dream of total civil disarmament.
  In a November 3, 2012, puff piece touting Mayor Bloomberg’s self-coronation as the nation’s gun-ban king, The National Journal crowed, “…the billionaire is laying the groundwork to become a one man counterweight to one of the nation’s most powerful lobbies: the National Rifle Association.” The article said he is dedicating “his massive wealth” to that end.
  The Journal piece concentrated on just one of Bloomberg’s gun-ban money-dumps—his personal endowment of his very own Super Political Action Committee (PAC)—“Independence USA”—created to seed Congress with his hand-picked political puppets.
  One man counterweight? Massive wealth? Try: “He, the billionaire” versus “We, the people.”
  His Super-PAC mouthpiece bragged, “There is a new anti-gun-lobby sheriff in town.”
  No, Bloomberg is no sheriff. He’s a spoiled-rich political bully. He’s the same anti-Second Amendment despot who bankrolled crippling punitive lawsuits against lawful firearm commerce across the nation using a hand-picked New York federal judge to do his bidding.
  He is the same pompous aristocrat who demands ordinary New Yorkers go disarmed against violent thugs, while surrounding himself with a phalanx of armed bodyguards.
  If you want a study in Bloomberg’s tone deaf arrogance look no further than his shameful failure to serve New Yorkers suffering from the total devastation of Hurricane Sandy.
  The manifesto in the Nov. 3 National Journal came just days after the soda-pop-banning little dictator of Manhattan essentially abandoned tens of thousands of New Yorkers in the outer boroughs, the forgotten parts of his city—victims of Hurricane Sandy who were without shelter, food, power, water and police protection. While they suffered, the mayor turned his attention to the circus of his annual New York City Marathon.
  In his preparations for the big race, the mayor diverted precious resources like police and emergency generators. Only after a tsunami of national rage did Bloomberg petulantly abandon his marathon celebration.
  But Bloomberg’s twisted priorities got even worse. In response to demands that National Guard troops come into the city to augment police against flash-mob looting, Bloomberg refused, saying, “The NYPD is the only people [sic] we want on the streets with guns.”
  Insane. In Bloomberg’s world-view, our young men and women in uniform are not to be trusted with arms to protect against criminal anarchy.
  Bloomberg is scheduled to leave office when his term ends in 2013. And that is good for New Yorkers. But it is bad for the rest of us. He will be the full-time DEAR LEADER of the gun-ban movement—even eclipsing his fellow billionaire George Soros.
  As the founder and banker for Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), Bloomberg has been building his personal cadre of urban politicians, an army of gun-ban zealots with untold taxpayer resources at his disposal. And through MAIG grants to cities and towns in his political control, Bloomberg is salting local governments with taxpayer-funded lobbying operatives. These are bureaucrat-termites working to ban firearms at the state level. (Remember, “illegal guns” refers to your guns. My guns.)
  Furthermore, constitutional scholar, lawyer and blogger Dave Hardy is reporting that Mayor Bloomberg, by laundering funds through the Joyce Foundation, is bankrolling George Soros’ Media Matters in a specific campaign to defame the NRA. It is bearing fruit—big time.
  Billionaires versus individual Americans.
  How do you fight an unspeakably wealthy troll obsessed with a sociopathic vision for the destruction of the rights and freedom of citizens? There is just one Michael Bloomberg with his millions of dollars to be spent on taking down our NRA and with it the Second Amendment. But there are millions of us.
  A one-man counterweight? Massive wealth? Just what do the Bloomberg big-media water-carriers think the NRA is? We know. It is people—millions of individual Americans who believe in our liberty and will fight for it wherever it is threatened. And yes, NRA spends millions to protect the Second Amendment. To do less would guarantee the loss of our freedom.
  We fight a Michael Bloomberg or a George Soros with our collective voice and collective funds that can only come from individuals of modest means—the price of a tank of gas or a box of ammunition or a day at the range. That’s how we stop Bloomberg.


  I know that a Jew would never say this because he or she would stand a good possibility of being deemed a Moser.
  Because they are concidered Effendi, you, Rabbi will not speak out against their actions.

  Rabbi, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are both Jews. George Soros does not seem to care how many Goyim or Gentiles go to bed hungry, cold, wet or miserable; he is in my opinion the most despicable type of worthless person whom God has allowed to wander this earth and a disgrace to the Jewish people. Michael Bloomberg appears to be just another money grubber also.
  In my opinion these people have used the legal system for theft and manipulation, their actions might be legal; but there is very little that is honorable, moral or
ethical in their actions.
  When people like this (Bloomberg, Soros, Kissinger, Adelson, Singer, Kristol, Podhoretz, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kagen, Strauss,...) decide that their manipulation of the law is justifiable, as some of their forefathers did, it lends legitimacy to the action of people such as Hitler.
  Rabbi just in case there is confusion, Trotsky, a Jewish leader of the Bolshevik revolution and early architect of the Soviet state ran around with Lenin and Stalin for a while.

  "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." Henry Kissinger, quoted by Bob Woodward in The Final Days, 1976
  The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer. "[The New World Order] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change it's perceptions." -- Henry Kissenger, World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , April 19th 1994

“In Germany they came first for the Communists,
I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

Martin Niemoller