Rock \ Rap
Going to the dogs

Money talks and Criminals walk in the Criminal Injustice System

Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr, Epstein the rapist & the Injustice System

Alan Dershowitz, the pedophile and the Criminal Injustice System


$10 million party for 13 year old kid

Rapper feels added heat

Hip-Hops grim undertones

Oscar Night Rap Song Unedited Lyrics
It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Crazy Bitch Lyrics
One has to wonder what this video looks like on MTV

The first time I heard this in a Country Bar I had a hard time believing the lyrics
80 % of the individuals on the floor were female

Whats real sex

Just Do It

Abortion, a doctor's story

Late term abortion


There seems to be confusion

Pedophiles in the Schools
20 years later Part 2
Ex-teacher who force fed students his own semen gets 25 years in jail

The Youngest Profession

Young Teens: Oral Sex Safer

Teen Sex Video Shocks India

Oregon still reeling from Goldschmidt sex scandal

Unsafe sex couples with AIDS

Concern grows over spread of HIV

New treatment expected to be advised for gonorrhea

This country is in a heap of trouble