Just a couple of Observations

  Might want to reconsider the purchase of gun safes that have digital/electronic keypads to access your safe instead of the old-fashioned combination lock. The day the truck won’t start, the frig quits running and the electronics in the computer fry will be a bad day to use a digital keypad to open the safe. Just something to think about when purchasing a safe.
  Pointed this out to a couple of guys looking to purchase safes already. Either we work together or fall separately.

Seattle Times front page article
December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas

According to the Biblical book of Revelations this is an all around bad idea.

Someday electronic devices could be on or inside people

  Brian David Johnson thinks the public initially will be more amenable to smart tattoos than computerized pills or gadgets inserted into them, because “something on your skin, that’s a baby step” compared to a swallowed or surgically implanted device.

RFID & the loss of your privacy