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A Gift from the Banks to You
The National Debt belongs to You

  The Bureau of Public Debt is a unit of the Department of Treasury, to visit the current government site for debt click here and for interest paid out, after clicking here go to bottom of government page.

  There are a large number of people who do not understand the correlation between debt and deficit, the definitions for those words have been included.

DEBT: how deep the hole is: the total amount of money that has been borrowed.
DEFICIT: how fast the hole is being dug: how much more the government has spent (like a credit card) during the year then the government has received.

(Debt History)

  The U.S Government can rack up some serious spending when the Elephants & Asses ("technically suspended") give each other UNLIMITED Credit Cards. Republicans control the House & Senate - Democrats the Oval Office.
  Look at the national debt as if it were an ARM, (Adjustable Mortgage Rate) and we the people as the homeowner. When the Federal Reserve Bank raises the rates in the future our financial problems; because we are the homeowner with the ARM (Adjustable Mortgage Rate,) will become catastrophic.
  Doubling the interest rates on U.S. National Debt would raise that interest rate to 4.5% (currently 2.25%**); our interest payment would go from $432 billion per year to $864 Billion per year, thereby rendering the United States, financially, little more than a glorified third world country.

Stopping this runaway debt and interest serves the “Common Good”

Deficit for year from Oct 1, 2015 (start of fical year 2016) through Sept 30 2016

Sept 30, 2016 $19,573,444,713,936.79
Oct  01, 2015 $18,150,616,066,342.53
Added to debt $ 1,422,828,647,594.26

Deficit (in the hole another) $1.422 Trillion for fical 2016.

  Was talking to a business major a while back who had never heard of Amortization schedules so went online to a mortgage calculator and ran the numbers using our National Debt, first one $19.8 trillion (our debt Nov 2016) using 2.25% interest, total interest will equal $7,446,500,000,000 ($7.446 Trillion) second one debt as stated $19.8 trillion with interest rate doubled to 4.5% total interest will equal $16,316,530,000,000 ($16.316 Trillion). Stopping this runaway debt and interest really does serve the “Common Good”

Amortization schedule #1 $19.8 Trillion @ 2.25%

Debt Amount

$ 19,800,000,000,000


30 Years

Interest Rate


Monthly Payments

$        75,680,000,000

Total Payments

$ 27,244,800,380,000

Total Interest

$   7,446,500,000,000

Amortization schedule #2 $19.8 Trillion @ 4.5%

Debt Amount

$ 19,800,000,000,000


30 Years

Interest Rate


Monthly Payments

$       100,320,000,000

Total Payments

$ 36,115,200,000,000

Total Interest

$ 16,316,530,000,000

Would be Monthly Payments if we were paying down the Debt
not happening, we are still borrowing
money instead

Congress and White House Reach Tentative Budget Deal
By David M. Herszenhorn
The New York Times
OCT. 27, 2015 

These two paragraphs excerpted from above article

  The Treasury Department had said that the government would default on its debt if the statutory borrowing limit was not raised by Nov. 3,2015. And a temporary spending measure, which kept the government from shutting down at the start of October, will run out on Dec. 11,2015
  The tentative agreement reached Monday night would solve each of those problems. It would keep the government financed through Sept. 30, 2017, well after Mr. Obama leaves office. And, the debt limit would be raised — technically suspended, allowing the Treasury to borrow whatever it needs — until March 2017.

We as a nation are in a bit of a bind.

  From 1945-1971, the period of the "gold exchange standard", the US fixed the dollar to gold at $35 an ounce. Doubling the price to $70 per oz equals a 100% increase; at $350 an oz that is a 1000% price increase.
  The total amount of gold owned by the U.S. Treasury is 261,498,926 ounces.
  For the United States to go back to the gold standard each ounce of gold that the Federal Government owns would have to be priced over $73,667 (March 2016) that would qualify as Hyper-Inflation; Leaving the gold standard in 1971 so that paper money without a standard could be printed to pay for the Vietnam War started the slide that let our elected officials in United States run up this disastrous National Debt.

  Just think of the repairs that could have been made to the roads, bridges, schools, national parks, Social Security (which will have to be paid back out of the general fund)… if we had not been forced by our elected officials to pay out over $11.5 Trillion interest (usury) on $19.9 Trillion National Debt since 1980.

**  The 2.25% listed above is the Treasury Department’s nominal Interest Rate, the averaging of 3-month T-bill, 6-month T-bill, 52-week T-bill, 2-year T-note, 5-year T-note, 10-year T-note, & 30-year T-bond.
  The Federal Funds Rate has been set by the Federal Reserve Bank at between 0 to/and 00.25% since December 16, 2008; when the rates increase is when our Interest on the National Debt will start climbing.

From the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Extraordinary Measures
have become

Standard Operating Procedures

  The statuory limit on the National Debt was set at $18.1 Trillion sometime back in 2014.
  From February 27, 2015 when the National Debt reached the high of $18,155,853,840,783.67 until October 2015 the National Debt has not increased; 214 days of no increase in our debt or deficit. Last time this happened was when the Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew used “extraordinary” measures in 2013 to freeze the debt.

“Extraordinary Measures” on Debt
Just “Cook the Books”
Why be Disingenuous


  What happens if history repeats, During the last year of the Carter Presidency (1980) the Federal Reserve Bank pushed the Prime Rate to over 20%; on an $18 Trillion National Debt the Interest Payment would easily exceed $3 trillion per year.
  I realize that this is the United States and not Russia but on December 15, 2014 the interest rate in Russia increased to 17% effectually wrecking their ecomony.

Interest Rates Will Go Up

  Now that The Federal Reserve Bank has absconded with $4 Trillion from the Treasury Dept to buy Bonds (where did you think the money for "Quantitative Easing" came from, yes, that money was "loaned" by the Treasury Dept to the Federal Reserve Bank) it is time for the Federal Reserve Bank to raise interest rates.


  A Bible search using lend*, borrow*, debt*, bribe*, and *justice* was performed using a computer (* is a wild card symbol when doing computer searches). If the Old Testament is any indication of what happens in the future, there should be a large number of Capital Hill employees (elected officials) working overtime to rectify the problems they manufactured because of the injustices that were created pandering to special interest groups and by writing unfunded feel good legislation.

That was then

Front page Seattle P.I.
Seattle P.I.
Associated Press

April 4, 1990

A cool $3 trillion: That’s a lot of 0’s the nation owes

  Washington - The national debt yesterday totaled more than $3 trillion for the first time in history, the Treasury Department reported yesterday.
  That’s $3,000,000,000,000. Count them: a three and 12 zeroes.
  A person counting a $1,000 bill each second would take 133 years just to reach $1 trillion.
  And when the nation debt reached $3 trillion, it meant that it would cost every man, woman and child $12,000 to pay it off.
  “The debt subject to limit did go over $3 trillion on Monday” confirmed Peter Hollenback, public affairs officer for the Treasury’s Bureau of Public Debt.
  The actual level of public debt subject to statutory limit at the end of the day was $3.023 trillion. That’s just $99.59 billion under the statutory limit of $3.123 trillion. The national debt stood at $2.989 trillion last Friday.
  Hollenback said that despite a growing number of income tax receipts at this time of year he expected the debt to continue to grow as long as the budget was not balanced.
  Congress enacted the current debt limit last November.
  The debt reached $1 billion in 1916 during World War I, climbing to $278 billion at the end of World War II.
  It reached its first trillion on Oct. 1, 1981 and rose to $2 trillion on April 3, 1986.
  The rapid growth in the debt is the result of the government’s huge deficits for the past decade. Democratic opponents often pointed to the fact that President Reagan ran up more public debt in his eight years in office than all his predecessors put together.
 The federal deficit has continued to grow since then and totaled $152.1 billion during the fiscal year ended Sept. 30.
  By the end of February, the deficit had reached $97.52 billion, just $2.48 billion less than the Gramm-Rudman deficit-reduction target for the entire year. Interest on the deficit during February totaled $17.32 billion and is expected to reach $254.85 billion for the year.
  Analysts have said the target for fiscal 1990 has all but been abandoned, with some suggesting the actual imbalance for the year will total $160 billion to $165 billion.

U.S. Treasury
(Figures in millions)

(Add 000,000 to each #)

Total public debt April 5, 1990


Statutory debt limit


Operating balance April 5


Interest fiscal 1990 thru Feb


Interest period fiscal 1989


Actual deficit fiscal 1989


Actual deficit fiscal 1988


Receipts fiscal 1990 thru Feb.


Receipts period fiscal 1989


Outlays fiscal 1990 thru Feb.


Outlays period fiscal 1989


Gold assets thru February


This is now

  From 2002 through 2007 our National Debt grew by a daily average of $1.46 Billion ($5.807 Trillion 2002 to $9.007 Trillion).
  For the last year of the Bush Presidency 2008 the National Debt went up $2.786 Billion per day on average ($9.007 Trillion to $10.024 Trillion).
  2009, daily average hit an all time high $5,164,668,785 ($10.024 Trillion to $11.909 trillion).
  2010 National Debt had $4.524 Billion per day increase ($11.909 Trillion to 13.561 Trillion.
  2011, $3.366 Billion daily average rise in our National Debt ($13.561 Trillion to $14.790 Trillion).
  2012, the deficit on our National Debt increased $3.495 Billion per day ($14.790 Trillion to $16.066 Trillion.
  For the first 202 days of fiscal year 2013 [Oct 1, 2012 until April 30 2013] the Debt of the United States grew by $3.775 Billion per day ($16.066 Trillion to $16.828 Trillion).

   Miracles have happened in the United States, something here-to-for never witnessed before in the history of our National Debt; the first one is that $1.2 trillion was added to the National Debt in fiscal year 2012 bringing the total to $16,066,241,407,385 (Sept 30, 2012) but through some sort of miraculous accounting procedure the total amount paid out for interest went backwards to $434,796,008,919. In the world of normal accounting practices, interest @3.25% equalls $522,152,845,740 it's a miracle!

  The second miracle; the National Debt for the United States of America reached an all time high of $16,828,845,497,183 on April 30, 2013 but by May 16, 2013 had gone backward to $16,734,808,644,648. That’s a reduction of almost $94 billion in just 17 days! At this rate we should be debt free in no time!

  One would think that the Democrats and the Republicans would be dancing in the streets, arguing over which group will get credit for this miracle.

  Actually the question to ask would be; how is it even possible to go from being in the hole $3.775 Billion per day every day for the first 202 days of fiscal year 2013 and then run a surplus on day 203?

  For more than 30 years the interest paid on the National Debt has followed normal accounting procedures’; that was until Fiscal year 2012. About the only way this low interest payment ($434 Billion, should have been $522 Billion) could be correct is if Social Security was being shorted; and the only reason to short Social Security would be to help hasten its demise.
The question to ask is, why destroy Social Security? The answer lies in the fact that over $5.3 trillion (5,300,000,000,000) in the Social Security Trust Fund has been borrowed to cover the shortfalls in the general budget for decades and if Social Security can be collapsed then the money will not have to be returned; it becomes a write-off for the Federal Government.

  Is it possible that the Treasury Department has been compromised by its cozy relationship with Wall Street. Have the people truly experienced a couple of financial miracles or are we the people being manipulated again.

Did you know Congress can cancel or cut Social Security and Medicare at any time.

Government rules at cooking books

  The numbers that are used here are the Total National Debt as listed by the US Treasury Dept. rounded off to the nearest billion This includes the money borrowed from Social Security that needs to be paid back, with interest.

For the Biblical crowd this is a lot of usury


Federal Debt

Yearly  Interest Payment


$  284,000,000,000

$  9,000,000,000


$  930,000,000,000

$ 75,000,000,000































Could somebody explain this new math where $1.25 trillion Debt is added
yet interst is $20 billion less then last year
while the interest rate stayed the same @3.25%

U.S. Treasury
(Figures in millions)
(Add 000,000 to each #)

Total public debt Nov. 10, 1981


Interest on public debt Sept.


Interest fiscal year 1981


Projected deficit year 1981


Actual deficit fiscal year 1981


Receipts fiscal year 1981


Receipts fiscal year 1980


Outlays fiscal year 1981


Outlays for fiscal 1980


Gold for September


U.S. Treasury
(Figures in millions)

Total public debt May 15, 1986


Statutory debt limit


Operating balance May 15


Interest on public debt March


Interest fiscal year thru March


Projected deficit year 1986


Actual deficit fiscal year 1985


Receipts fiscal year thru March


Receipts same period 1985


Outlays fiscal year thru March


Outlays same period last year


Gold assets thru Jan.


 U.S. Treasury
(Figures in millions)

Total public debt April 5, 1990


Statutory debt limit


Operating balance April 5


Interest fiscal 1990 thru Feb


Interest period fiscal 1989


Actual deficit fiscal 1989


Actual deficit fiscal 1988


Receipts fiscal 1990 thru Feb.


Receipts period fiscal 1989


Outlays fiscal 1990 thru Feb.


Outlays period fiscal 1989


Gold assets thru February


U.S. Treasury
(Figures in millions)

Total public debt Nov. 16, 1992


Statutory debt limit


Operating balance Nov. 16


Interest fiscal 1992 thru Sept.


Interest same period 1991


Actual deficit fiscal 1992


Actual deficit fiscal 1991


Receipts fiscal 1992 thru Sept.


Receipts same period 1991


Outlays fiscal 1992 thru Sept.


Outlays same period 1991


Gold assets thru Jan.


U.S. Treasury
(Figures in millions)

Total public debt May 27, 1994


Statutory debt limit


Operating balance May 27


Interest fiscal 1994 thru April


Interest same period 1993


Projected deficit fiscal 1994


Actual deficit fiscal 1993


Receipts fiscal 1994 thru April


Receipts same period 1993


Outlays fiscal 1994 thru April


Outlays same period 1993


Gold assets thru April