Washington State Ferries and Liquid Natural Gas

A jihadists’ dream come true
Or to quote Jeff Dunham Ali Ali Ali BOOM

This information is being provided for the people of Washington State

  The Ferries Division of Washington State Department of Transportation has submitted a Request for Proposal concerning a major refit of six WSF Boats to run exclusively on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). There are very troubling aspects of this scenario that should be carefully considered before pursuing the project.

  LNG is used to fuel about 300 ships worldwide (including 12 Norwegian Ferries). However, those vessels were built with LNG use in the design. The Washington State Ferry project is a retro-fit which proposes locating the LNG tanks above the passenger deck.

Some facts about LNG:
• Full tanks weigh the equivalent of over 70 cars.

• Locating the tanks at the highest level of the ship....sloshing will be more pronounced

• To remain stable, LNG must be transported and stored at -260 degrees Fahrenheit.

LNG has an expansion ratio of 1/600; one gallon of LNG, when heated to outside temperature, expands to 600 gallons of Natural Gas. Each gallon of fuel mixed with a certain proportion of air has the explosive power of 16 sticks of dynamite

• If a tank ruptured, the liquid content will flow outward and downward, enveloping the ferry; the volatility of the substance and the proposed location of the tanks make this a prime target for terrorists.  An explosion of one tank would be catastrophic for not only the vessel and its occupants but any nearby shore structures and inhabitants.

For impressive video google “LNG explosion China

Technical review concerning infrastructure and feasibility of powering Washington State Ferries with Liquefied Natural Gas